Stuck in Fear

I’m trapped by fear
It grips my throat
Taking away my breath
I’ve been choked

Left breathless
I sit and think
How can I stop it
From making me sink

Further down
I plunge into the dark
Without a light
Not even a spark

Nothing to help me
See where I’m going
I am lost
Left here groaning

How terrible I feel
There’s no way out
I’m left stuck
Forever no doubt

Until I wonder
What if I could
Make the light myself
To make me feel good

Instead of relying
On the help of others
Believe that I will be
The one who uncovers

The happiness I know
Is inside me
Waiting for that moment
When it is free

As I will spit
In the face of fear
Becoming unstuck
Wiping that final tear

A smile will appear
As I centre my thoughts
Ready to start again
Another battle well fought

Ironically wrote this the day before I felt this exact way today. Psychically predicted the emotions I would have today.

Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it. Peace out!


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