Sum up of 2016

So I started this blog in 2016 and it’s one of the best things I’ve done. 2016 has been a crazy year for the world, with politics, celebrity deaths, etc but it has also been crazy for me. I’ve felt the happiest of highs and the saddest of lows. I’ve pushed myself to my limit more times than I can count.

So before 2016 ends I just want to thank the brilliant online community that I have come to love. Without you lot I don’t know how I would have coped. I started this blog because I needed an outlet. For so long I’ve hidden my autism like a shameful secret but not anymore that’s what I’ve learnt this year. From reading other’s post about their lives and hearing such wonderfully touching feedback for my posts I’ve been able to understand myself better and finally find people who are like me.

This year more than ever I have declared my autism to anyone who will listen. I have accepted the struggles that it brings but also the joys that it brings. I am not an alien or a robot. I am autistic. My autism is me. It’ll never not be in my thoughts and it will always be there. I have learned to love it for 90% of the time. For better or worse I’m stuck with it. So I feel hopeful for 2017 and though I know I will probably get frustrated with my autism at times just like we all get frustrated with ourselves in the end I know I love my autistic self thanks to all of you!

Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it. Peace out! And a happy new year!

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