Autism – Haiku (inspired) poems

I like the 5-7-5 rhythm of a haiku so I wrote a selection of autism themed poems based on that rhythm.

What is autism?
Just another day living
With a unique mind

I am not abstract
I am a literal human
So that’s how I think

Spinning around fast
Creates a wonderful high
Why don’t you try it?

I don’t understand
When you look at me that way
Just say what you mean

To look in your eyes
Causes me a lot of pain
So don’t ask me too

The spikes on my arm
Come from your acid filled touch
Against my soft skin

Silence is not heard
When a room won’t stop buzzing
And your ears hear all

Talking is just noise
When words have little meaning
To those listening

Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it. Peace out!

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