Others’ words > my words

I feel right now that my words are not adequate, almost useless. I have a lot on my mind and have been out the house quite a lot (very unusual for me I’m very much a recluse) and I’m about to be out the house for the next two days. I have words jumbled in my head but they don’t make sense. As I posted in a previous post: school’s out for summer the unstructured and hectic nature of the holidays is a little tough and it’s effecting ability to write and ideas of what to write. I hope to be posting something at some point next week when I have my writing mojo back.

For now though I wanted to share this article/post, whatever you want to call it: http://the-art-of-autism.com/favorite-quotes-about-autism-and-aspergers/

because right now others’ words are much greater than mine.

Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it. Peace out!


One thought on “Others’ words > my words

  1. Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts!
    Holidays! Every summer the same (non) procedure! Me drifting into this tiny little nasty kind of anarchy. Every summer I try to prevent this from happening.

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