Social Fear – Double poem

While writing this poem it was clear that I was writing two seperate poems in one. So I split them up into two. Here’s the result.

Poem 1

Standing in the room
Watching people talk
Analysing every move
Even the way they walk

A challenge is approaching
One that you’ve felt before
It gives you that feeling
You’re sinking into the floor

It manifests in strange ways
Through flicking the wrists
To twiddling your toes
And clenching tightly your fists

An all consuming sensation
Filling every pore
Rushing through your veins
Making your body sore

Your knees weaken
Your eyes blur
Knocking you down
The moment it occurs

Noises start to sound
Bombarding your ears
Hitting all at once
Reducing you to tears

You want to escape
You can’t cope anymore
The back and forth talking
Is like an impossible chore

You’re there in the room
Knowing this will not end
It’s a continuos cycle
That driving you round the bend

Poem 2

Social fear is
Your heart racing at a thousand miles
Just because
A situation is new

Social fear is
Not being able to speak
Just because
You’re afraid what people will think

Social fear is
Standing up against the wall
Just because
You’re afraid you’ll be stabbed in the back

Social fear is
Avoiding things that will challenge you
Just because
You can’t bear getting things wrong

Social fear is
Wishing you were someone else
Just because
You don’t like who you are

Social fear is
Apart of life
Just because
It makes you stronger in time

Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it. Peace out!

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