Memories are links to the past
Though memories are hard to keep
Like a cheetah running fast
They slip through your hands
Like leaking water they seep
Out of your mind, so hard to find

We cannot undo what’s been done
We can only remember parts
Whether boring or fun
The sad and happy intertwine
Filling our hearts
With emotion as it beats in motion

So for those whose memories are weak
How do they link to the forgotten
The past that they seek
Because we are determined by our past
No matter how rotten
The choices we made then, dictate our end

Without memories who am I
No knowledge of what’s made me
When I am set to die
What will be my final thoughts
What past will I see
Just an empty shell, no story left to tell


Don’t forget autism just because April has ended.

Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it. Peace out!

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