Don’t be aware, accept

Being aware is too close to beware
And you shouldn’t be scared of me
But your ignorance about it all
I’m not a lion, tiger or bear
As if I’d really care
To try and hurt you

My autism isn’t a disease or an illness
It’s is not contagious
And you won’t catch it
I am not anything to fear
I have eyes, nose and ears
Just like you and your family too

My brain thinks differently
But why would I want to think like you
What’s so great about how you think
I may like routine, patterns and predictability
I don’t understand how that’s a disability
Society views are what disable me

So during this month please learn
That you don’t need to be aware
Just accept me all year round
Because I have to accept you
And how your brain views
The world and all that surrounds us

This one is for the battle against the ignorance!

Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it. Peace out!

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