Walk in an autistic’s shoes

Do you see what I see?
Do you hear what I hear?
Do you feel what I feel?
Are you what I am?

You see a room full of things
I see things filling a room
You see a ceiling of tiles
I see tiles on a ceiling
You see an angry face
I just see a face

You hear a bird chirping
I hear a bird screaming
You hear the words people speak
I hear the sounds people speak
You hear nothing
I hear everything

You feel safe with people
I feel scared of people
You feel a hand on your arm
I feel spikes on my arm
You feel the ground’s surface
I feel the ground’s core

We see different
We hear different
We feel different
But we are all human all the same

Thanks for reading. Hope you like it. Peace out!



4 thoughts on “Walk in an autistic’s shoes

  1. This is a fantastic post to raise awareness with people who don’t understand much about the sensory side of Autism! This is also the most relatable post that I’ve found to day about my son so thank you so much for posting it!

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