Seriously Funny

I love making people laugh and it’s taken a lot time to learn how to achieve this. I’ve never been one for jokes, like ‘why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side.’ I mean yes of course that’s a perfectly good reason for crossing the road but why is a chicken crossing the road that doesn’t work. When I was younger I was always known as serious and taking things literally. If someone tried to make a joke I’d never really get it. I would either get really offended or just stare blankly like what? I would see other people laughing and joking around with each other, thinking why don’t I get it? What’s so funny? Wanting desperately to be apart of it.

In my adult life I’ve now become seriously funny (people say I’m funny). What I mean by this is that I will be so blunt and just say what’s on my mind that it makes people laugh. For example today at work I was with two colleagues in the office. Let’s call them Bob and Jill. We have become really good mates and all have the same sense of humour, dry wit and quite naughty humour. A lot of innuendos happen in that space. During the lunch period a colleague, let’s call her Carol, comes in. There’s a lot of ‘chemistry’ between Carol and Bob and they’ve got a really good ‘friendship’. Though neither are admitting to anything. So Jill decides to go for a smoke and I’m thinking I’m not going to stay here with Bob and Carol. That’s really awkward and also I don’t know Carol that well. So I said “well I’m not going to stay here” and Bob and Carol said “why” and I was like “the chemistry is just too much and there is not a knife big enough to cut it” gesturing a knife in the air (from the saying you could cut the tension with a knife). Now because of my lack of filter I say what is in my head. When walking with Jill out of there she said “only you can get away with that. If I’d done that I would have tried to back out and messed it up but you just say what’s on your mind and it’s funny the way you say it.”

By going out the norm and actually just saying what I mean it makes people laugh. They are so surprised and can’t believe that I’ve actually said it it shocks them into laughing. I mean humour is very difficult to describe because it’s subjective but if you think about it, has one common thing it involves breaking convention. Whether that be speaking straight from your mind, which is not what typically people are ‘supposed’ to do, to having chickens crossing roads. I’ve taken something from my autism that is seen as something that causes difficulties, being too honest potentially rude, and found the balance and turned it into an ability, saying what I think but not being offensive. Something that used to hinder me now has advanced me in the social world. Since adopting this new humour which when I was younger I’ve always tried to hide or too afraid to explore has really made making friends and mates easier. Also because it’s I’m true to myself. It’s seriously funny.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed it. Peace out!

2 thoughts on “Seriously Funny

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I totally enjoyed and I have a very funny autistic daughter! She doesn’t think she is funny especially when she isn’t too happy! But she does make us all laugh so much at home and I always encourage her to always be herself. I think it is really beautiful and thank you for sharing. Keep being your beautiful self. 😬👍🏾

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