Ode to an autistic girl

Ode to an autistic girl

I write to you autistic girl
Telling you what you need to know.
I spent many years,
Fighting back the tears
Lost in this world alone.

I am autistic loud and proud
But that wasn’t always the case.
I use to believe
That I was not real
A robot made in space.

When I was young I had no fun
With all of my thoughts trapped inside.
My knees would go weak,
Beginning to speak
My mouth did not abide.

At the start of my teenage years
I struggled to fit in somewhere.
No one to call,
Left feeling so small
Wishing someone would care.

I left school, not sure what to do
Entering the big world around.
But I was older
And I was bolder
With both feet on the ground.

Now I’ve found a job that I love
And great friends that like who I am.
They know I’m odd,
A bit of a sod
And they don’t give a damn.

So please believe autistic girl
That things will get better in time.
I’m happy and sad
With a touch of mad
But I am well and fine.

And so my great autistic girl
I leave you with this parting thought.
Just be who you are
And you’ll get real far.
Life is just way too short.

Originally written by AutiWomanDifferentBox
Feel free to share this around and thank you for reading. I hope you liked it. Goodbye everyone peace out!

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