Why do this blog?

This is my first ever blog post and I guess the first thing to address is why am I doing a blog?

Thoughts can be a great thing they allow you to make decisions, to have interests, to communicate. However they can also be negative and you can just sit there with your thoughts going around in your head playing havoc with your mind. I have a lot of thoughts good and bad, it can be exhausting, so I need an outlet. A question you have might be why not a diary? In this day and age we have an opportunity to share our thoughts across countries, seas and time zones what an amazing thing. I don’t claim to bring wise words, wisdom or anything pretentious rubbish like that. I do however know, from my experience, that sharing experiences can help (it has definitely helped me).

My blog is going to be about the joys and stress of being a woman with autism because that’s what I am. Calling my blog ‘auti woman different box’ does come from logic, my logic hope it makes sense. There’s the common phrase ‘thinking outside the box’, which is to not think laterally but abstractly being creative, etc. What if you were never thinking in ‘the box’ to begin with, what if you had a completely different box that doesn’t follow the same thinkings that occur inside ‘the box’. That is autism.

People with autism have brains that function differently to neurotypical (non autistics). My way of explaining this is (note: I love analogies by the way so be prepared): Every human brain is like an instruction manual that we refer to, to function in the world. It has instructions that tell us what to do in certain situations, i.e. pick up spoon – put in soup – bring spoon to mouth – swallow soup. But what if a brain has instructions missing and finds it more difficult to store instructions and use them in a variety of different situations. What if they didn’t know that you eat soup with a spoon? They could find an alternative – pick the soup bowl up and pour it into mouth. Or they don’t eat the soup, they may not even have the thinking to find an alternative. Steps from their instruction manual may be missing maybe whole sections causing difficulties in functioning. Anywhere from difficulty in self-care to communicating to relating to the world around them happens to varying degrees from high functioning to low functioning. That is autism.

I, myself, am a high functioning autistic. I have a job in a school. I have lived away from home. I am living an adult life. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t have difficulties. We all have difficulties I understand but that does not make the difficulties I face less important. The difficulties I face will be shared in this blog but it will not all be doom and gloom I will share my successes things people might not consider as successes but for me they are.

Thanks for reading my post. I hope it was interesting. Please feel free to ask questions. I’m blogging to share and in turn would love you to share with me. Will post again soon. Peace out!

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